Friday, August 9, 2013

Trade Me (Almost) Anything - Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays swam into Dodger Stadium tonight for the FIRST TIME EVER - and the Boys welcomed them with a sweet come from behind, walk off victory !

I don't know much about the Rays, but now I know this guy is a heck of a pitcher...

We got him out of the way, chipped away away at a previous 4 -run deficit, and got some awesome  9th inning heroics from this guy....

El Jaguar strikes again!
But enough gushing about the FIRST PLACE DODGERS.  Let's get on to the rest of this fishy trade bait.  Here's the Rays...

A double shot of ex-Ray, present Dodgers hero, CC.

Finishing up with a couple of sweet horizontals - the way the Boys left the fish layin' tonight in Chavez Ravine. 


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