Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rip This, ESPN

One of the best parts about last night's First Place Dodgers' come back was the way the sports know-it-alls over at ESPN had to "stop the presses" and eat their electronic words because they had the Dodgers written off as losers way too early, and couldn't wait till it was over before reporting it was over.

Last night the Dodgers were facing current Cy Young award winner David Price and the red hot Tampa Bay Rays.  Yes, things did look grim as the good guys were down 6-0 and running out of innings.  But the Rays were in Chavez Ravine - our house - and they ran into an even more red hotter-er team in the Dodgers.  However, that's not the story of this post.

This story begins after the seventh inning.  I was watching the game at home with my son, and the Dodgers had finally scored.  Down 6-1 and between innings, we switched the channel to see what was happening on ESPN.

They were running SportsCenter and while the main screen story was golf, the ticker on the sidebar showed their report about the Rays-Dodgers game was coming up.  We noticed this headline announcing the story:

We switched back to the Dodger game, noting those guys apparently can't wait to report on the Least Coast Rays "ripping" our Best Coast Dodgers.

The Boys in Blue scored 2 more runs in the 8th, to make the score 6-3.  We were coming back!  After the eighth, we switched back to Premature SportsCenter.  I was curious to see how they were spinning a 6-3, tightening up game into a right proper ripping.

The story had been pushed waaay back.  When we last left ESPN, the story was third in the cue.  It was now pushed back to number 6 or 7.  The masterful headline remained.

Well, as we all know by now, the Red Hot First Place Dodgers mounted a 4-run, ninth inning rally, and beat the Rays in walk off fashion, 7-6.

We watched the Dodgers post-game show, so I don't know how the sports reporter prodigies at ESPN covered it.  However, I do know at least one thing that was "ripped" in the SportsCenter studio last night: that electronic headline.


  1. ESPN is a complete joke these days.

  2. I can't stand the Dodgers, but good on them for sticking it to ESPN. I don't have dish anymore, but even when I did, I hardly watched it, it has become TMZ for sports fans. Unless you can't possibly get enough year round Johnny Manziel coverage, that is.

    1. I've always been curious, do you think dish is better than cable?

  3. I'm probably not a good judge of which is better, since I mostly just watched it for sports. I don't think any of the cable providers around here offered the MLB Network, so Dish was good for me. That said, the 20 bucks a month for has been well spent, and preferred over dish OR cable.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I started looking into I probably won't do anything now since the season is almost over, but I'll jump on that next season.