Monday, August 19, 2013

Crackin A Waxy Win Part 2

Hey everybody,

Here's the next installment of showing off the great Mystery Prize Package that I won from Topher and all of the team over at Crackin' Wax.  If you missed it, Part 1 is here.

Part 2 commences with the portions of the package that were donated by a couple of fabulous females in the collecting game. First up, some great cards from Deb, who collects Phillies...

Utley here is a local boy who was raised in Long Beach, and played college ball for UCLA.

If you're a Dodgers fan, you've heard of the Bison.  We even have a new addition to the club who is The Beard.  Now ATBATT brings you the Vanimal.  Can you believe it? Yet another guy who played college ball out of Cal State Long Beach.

 Finally, a guy who needs no introduction, who plays for a team which needs no introduction.
But, hows about a couple of stats:

5-time All-Star
5-time Silver Slugger
2-time Gold Glove
2009 World Series Champ
2011 MLB All-Star Game - Winner, Home Run Derby
2013 World Baseball Classic - MVP, Team Venezuela


Next up is a batch of cards from Julie, the mastermind behind Things Are Funner Here. 

Chris is retired now.  He played for the Astros, Diamondbacks and Padres.  This is a great looking card, and it's numbered to 325.

Next up are a couple of black framed 2012 A&G relics...

Let's hear it for another California native, and veteran of Huntington Beach High.

Here's a very attractive KC blue swatchy of David DeJesus.  Below, yet even more pro-fabriks...

A well-designed relic card. We get patriotic coloring and a nice photo of our hero, really complimenting that grey swatch.  Here's a Mora tidbit - He was the first player to hit a HR off the top of the foul pole at Camden Yards.  THAT'S gotta be worth something, people!

Thanks Deb and Julie for the great contributions. 

Next Post: Yet even more Mystery Prize Package goodies! 


  1. If you're not attached to the Vance....shoot me an e-mail.

  2. Greg... not even the Twins are too attached to Vance. ;)

  3. Next year Cano will be wearing Dodger blue. I don't want it to happen but I can see it happening.

    1. I like that rumor. Even old Cano is a step above our current dude, Mark Ellis.