Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Q: What's The Hottest Part Of A Flame?

Which part of a blazing, fiery flame is the hottest ?

Is it the red ?  As in, something is "red hot"?


How about the white? As in, "That shite is white hot!"


I wonder what San Francisco would guess?

Well, the hottest flame is neither red nor white.  The hottest burns...


THAT'S how hot the Dodgers are right now.  

 As Vin Scully said tonight, "Dodger Stadium is the Magic Castle".   Heck, even Hollywood stars are jumping onto the field to celebrate victories with the boys!

Danny DeVito crashes The Little Pony's postgame interview.             Harry How

Guys are blasting home runs and making fantastic, game-saving catches.  Pitchers are dominating despite three-error games from nervous kid shortstops, and are pitching punch-out ninth innings.  The first rumblings of "magic numbers" are hitting the blogs and everything's coming up...Blue roses.  

The team believes, the city believes.  I suspect opposing teams are starting to believe as well.  

The Dodgers are kicking on the Big Blue afterburners, and it's time to blast off to baseball's promised land.

It's gonna be a heckuva ride - and I feel like we're just getting started!  


  1. It sure is fun when your team is playing well and on the path to the post season.

    This Cubs fan sure misses that feeling.

    1. It's been a loooong time since Dodger fans had a reason to be optimistic, especially after the Frank McCourt disaster.

      Wishing your Cubbies good luck! (next year, of course) :)