Saturday, March 30, 2013

Le Gran Trade With Le (Canadian) Dollar Store

Hey everybody,

While awaiting Kershaw's first Opening Day pitch, I'm filling my baseball fix with my blogger brethren reading and posting about cards and trades. 

Here comes a post featuring my newest trade partner,  Douglas, over at the across-the-Canadian-border cardblog, Sportscards From The Dollar Store.

Douglas posted up a Koufax card that I had to have, his insert from The Greats subset in 2013 Topps, and from there, we expanded it into a blind random Dodgers for random Blue Jays and Mets trade.

Doug sent over a nice handful of Dodgers from the 80's thru the 2000's - every one of them a new card for me - and here are a few of the highlights...

 I really enjoyed when Nomar was a Dodger.  His time wearing the home whites seemed so short.

I loved when Nomar came to bat and they would play the opening drum roll/ bass line from War's hit, Low Rider.  It was amazing for me to hear an E.L.A. anthem booming from the speakers at Dodger Stadium.  Goosebumps.

Here's a pitcher who had so much potential lost to arm injury.  Oh well, the Dodgers made him rich anyway, giving him an insane amount of millions to ride the pine.

This is a great card of Rafi in action.  Never mind the reflection from the penny sleeve.  I actually like those lines.

Of course O-Pee-Chee must be involved!  I totally dig this card of Rick Monday, Voltigeur!

  Shown above are a couple of snake-bit Dodger teammates.  Dusty Baker rolled his player days into becoming the biggest-jinxed manager of the modern era.

Saxy limited his troubles to an embarrassing period where he developed a case of the willies and he just couldn't, absolutely couldn't throw a ball in a straight line from second base to first. 

I suspect he made that same face that he's making in the little close-up box whenever he beaned yet another innocent peanut vendor with yet another errant throw.

You want gaudy and gimmicky? You got it!

Finally, the card that started it all. 
Thanks for a great trade Douglas!

Here's an early Happy Easter, everybody!  THANKS for reading.  :)

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