Friday, March 29, 2013

The PWE Epidemic Reaches Little Ol' Me

Hey everybody,

Before you read any further, quick - run over to ESPN Classic.  They're showing Game One of the 1988 World Series.  Dodger Fans, Oakland fans, you know what game I'm talkin' about.

You certainly don't have to be a Dodger or an A's fan to appreciate this historical classic game.  Do you like great baseball broadcasting?  This game featured the golden voiced Vin Scully in his prime and that most excellent color man, Joe Garigiola.  I really enjoyed when they teamed up to call games back in the day.

With all the talk about the new renovations at Dodger Stadium, it's also cool to see old Dodger Stadium, and of course, the old Dodger players featured in that game.

I've been reading around about one of our latest blogger innovation -fad - events, the PWE Bomb.  Wes, the great and generous blogger from the awesome blog, Jaybarkerfan's Junk is perhaps, King of all PWE bombers, and it was my pleasure to receieve one of his cardboard bombs myself.

 I said it once, but I'll say it again. I can't have enough Mike Piazza cards.  This newest addition to my Piazza collection commemorates THE SINGLE MOST SHOCKING EVENT in all my time as a Dodger fan - the trading away of Mike Piazza.  This card mentions he was traded to the Mets. Apparently Pinnacle is ignoring he was sent to the Marlins first.

Here's another card of one of my past faves - Pedro "1981 World Series Co-MVP" Guerrero.   Who did he share the MVP award with?  None other than Night Owl's and my favorite Dodger, Ron Cey, and Boomer Steve Yeager.

Ugh! I hated Juan Pierre as a Dodger.  For some reason, when he got to Dodger Stadium, he forgot the type of hitter he was, and thought he was a home run hitter.  The inevitable result?  Multiple weak fly outs that made him a real hole in the lineup - as a leadoff batter, no less.

He partially redeemed himself when Manny Ramirez was serving a 50-game suspension.  He played like we always hoped he would and actually kept the Dodgers in contention while Ramirez was out.   He was a major reason we made the playoffs that season.

I gotta admit, Pierre or not, this is a great looking card.  

How about Jerry Reuss and his 70's TV detective mustache?

Another great Dodger.  I still miss our former 3rd baseman.

Closing out with a great looking sticker featuring Mariano playing at home.  Nice!

Thanks for the Bomb, Wes.  I really appreciate your generosity. you sent me some great cards, and all of them new for my collection!

 I'll be passing it forward to other bloggers as the days pass.  :)

THANKS for reading everybody.  Now I'm back to ESPN classic. It's the 6th inning....

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