Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trade Bait-y Loot From Tribe Cards

Hey everybody,

Well, we can all agree on at least one reason that Cleveland fans are cool - and that big, huge, wonderful reason is David over at Tribe Cards Last season David ran a very cool contest in which he opened packs of cards every day and then sent the loot out to all of us, his fellow bloggers and readers.  He's doing the same type of thing again this season, so be sure to stop by his blog, enjoy the reading, and participate in the fun.

I received cards from the Yankees, Cardinals and Tigers in the contest - and a nice fistful, I might add.  Let's take a look at some of the loot, all of which his available for trade...

I got a nice bunch of these oversize Donruss All-Star cards.  They measure 4x6 and here's the lineup:

Lou Whitaker (never mind the lurking Pinnacle card on the left edge.)
Ozzie Smith Cards
Tommy Herr Cards
Willie McGee Cards
Dan Petry Tigers
Willie Hernandez Tigers
Dan Petry Tigers

Above are a couple of cool Ozzie Smith's.  It's also the first look at the next batch of cards. These are very attractive all-star stand-ups.  They measure about 3 x 6.  Line up:

Tommy Herr  Cards
Ozzie Smith Cards
Jack Morris Tigers
Dave Winfield Yanks
Rickey Henderson Yanks

Below are the card backs...(left - oversize, right - stand ups)

Did I get regular sized cardboard? Yup...

I got an assortment of cards from the Yanks, Tigers and Cardinals.  That Dwight Gooden is the card that was squeezing in on Lou Whitaker's left flank.  

Thanks for the fantastic contest, Dave!  I'm very much looking forward to the 2013 edition.

THANKS for reading, everybody!

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