Thursday, March 14, 2013

Craig Kimbrel - Stand Up Guy

Hey everybody...

Who watched that hard-to-take loss for the USA against Dominica?

AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH !  What a tough loss.  What a great game, though.  That sure beat any spring training  game of our scrubs against your scrubs. 

We'll get through Puerto Rico tomorrow, and into the Championship Round. I'm very much looking forward to USA vs. Japan. 

But I digress, for those of you who didn't see the game tonight, here's a quick synopsis, my style...

Tied 1-1 through a tough 8 innings, Craig Kimbrel gets the call in the 9th and doesn't hold the lead.  Maybe he couldn't recover himself from the "are-you-kidding-me?" strike the ump granted him on a pitch about 5 feet outside. 

But I digress, his next pitch was solidly bopped into the outfield for a base hit, and we lost the tie.  We then proceeded to lose a game that felt at my house and looked and sounded on TV like it was taking place in October. 

After the game, Kimbrel was enough of a good sport to grant an on-field interview and say, " Everybody did well until I came in." 

To the point, brutal, and said like a man.  Tomorrow he'll be the hero.

Welcome to baseball.

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