Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 10

Last pack....
Here's a nice card.  Although, I always think of Walker as a Rockie.

Floating baseballs galore!  p.s. BOOOOO !!!

Another floating baseball.  Nothing's perfect, but I wish this shot included the base so we can get the perspective of being safe or out.  I'll bet our super-bloggers can analyze the curvature of the infield clay and determine how close he is to the bag.

How about this shot with Mathis ! I'm thinking this is a bang bang suicide squeeze at the plate followed by a throw to first for a DP?

As you can see, even I don't know our patch at this point.  I like the fact it says "throwback" patch.  All you folks out there playing along, send mojo for your team, because I'm sure as heck broadcasting my mojo for a Brooklyn dodgers patch!

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