Saturday, March 9, 2013

When A Mistress Replaces The Original

Hey everybody,

I recently completed a bang-bang PWE trade with Spankee over at the great blog, My Cardboard Mistress Spankee posted some 2013 Topps, and I spotted a card that I've been coveting ever since I first saw it posted in our many reports and reviews here in the blogo-worlds.

Did I just say "coveted"? Yup, that's what the Cardboard Mistress will do to you.  She tempts you from afar and soon you want a taste.  I've had my eyes on this Roberto Clemente "Cut To The Chase" insert for quite some time, and when Spankee put it up for trade - I jumped on it.

 I consider myself a Roberto Clemente collector.  I've only got a few from his actual playing days, and I certainly intend to continue collecting his original Topps releases whenever luck and opportunity rear their beautiful heads simultaneously.  These days most of my additions are not of the original variety, but of the new mistress, the tribute cards. 

Clemente gets a lot of tribute card love, but not so much that I feel it's overplayed.  Collecting tribute cards has its advantages.  Modern tribute inserts give me more options than just one Topps card for 1968, take it or leave it.  Which is a luxury I take advantage of in selecting which modern Clemente cards to chase. 

That said, this is hands down, one of the most awesome Clemente cards from the past few years.  Its got the classic Clemente batting stance, great colors, beautiful shine, and a well-designed, dramatic die cut.  Thanks very much for the trade, Spankee!

Card companies -and me, as well - have a love/hate relationship with diecuts.  Sometimes the results are boring as hell, and the cut edges are more trouble in handling than they are worth...

...and sometimes they're insane, but somehow they actually enhance the cardboard experience...

In my new Clemente card, Topps got it all right! 

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