Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 3

Note 1. Josh D. asked a great question which gave me a great idea.  He asked if I was blasting this live on video.  Unfortunately, I'm not, but that's a great idea for next time. 

Note 2. I forgot to add one of the cards from the last pack. Here it comes first...

3D Ichiro! Can't leave that one out.
 Now on to pack 3...

 I'm currently in the midst of trade talks with a Fisk collector, so naturally the Fisk mojo is in the air.  BTW - I don't think I'm spoiling a secret by telling everyone the person I'm talking about is our community's brand new doctor.  Congratulations, Dr. Hoffman !!  :D

The Hawk is strictly business here.

This card is absolutely beautiful!

Whitey Ford was the third part of the 60's party trio along with Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle.

RC's galore in this blaster.

Closing the pack with bad-ass forever, Ty Cobb. 

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