Thursday, March 14, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Last Pack - and the Relic Card

Drum roll intro by Charlie Watts.....

Big Red Machine in the house.

Gone, but never forgotten.

BOOOOO !!! I've had quite enough of pulling cards from these guys!

Here's a guy who was an absolute credit to the Dodgers uni. when he wore it.  San Diego became a better team the day they got O-Dog.

The last card sparkles with least coast bias.  Hehe

One card remaining - our relic.  Here's how much mojo our box packed...

Not bad, I suppose, if you're an Astros fan.  I know a coupla ya are.  Let's trade!

THANKS to everybody who hung in there and played along.  Most especially to Josh D. and Greg for dropping a comment.  I appreciate knowing you're out there checking it out..

I had fun doing this.  I think I'll try video next time.  Good night, everybody. 


  1. Nice blaster, man. The sparkly's are pretty fun.
    No Royals, but there was only one (Billy Butler) in that whole set, so that's no surprise. :-)

    1. Yeh, if nobody out there wants that Ripken, I'm perfectly happy to have it.

      Too bad the Royals always get burned like that by topps.
      I know kinda how you feel. I always grimace when I pull cards of the enemy.
      They won the WS and are on extra cards. Sheesh! o_O

      Thanks for checking out the box bust.