Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 8

Brian from Play At The Plate just joined us.  Welcome, buddy! Hope we pull something you can add to your collection.  Greg from Plashke's Argyle Sweater is with us as well.  Hopefully the power of a trio of Dodger bloggers will now complete the triumvirate to bring Mighty Dodger Cards from our packs!

BTW-  my pack count was way off.  Seems I got my numbers mixed up.  There's 8 cards in a PACK - not in the blaster.  Actually, we have 3 more packs to rip - which is good news because that means MORE CARDS !!!

Here's a great card.  Love the pose, which somehow fits the uni.  I almost hear the silent movie piano soundtrack.

Hmmm...more cards is not always a bonus.  Sometimes it means more cards...of the enemy.

See what I mean?

 2 packs to go! Really...honest...pinky swear...