Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 5

So Josh D. checked in.  Josh followed along the first time I ripped packs live and I'm very glad to have him along for the ride again. 

I had mentioned in my previous post the teams seemed to be spread around, but Josh rightfully noticed the Royals were missing.  Josh, you asked for Royals, and joining us a second time brought you some Blaster Break Mojo.  Stay tuned, and you'll see something Royal coming up later in this post...

Our first Angel!

So much blue, and not a smidgeon of Dodger Blue. *sigh*

I pulled the base version of this one earlier.  Now comes the sparkle version.

Usually neglected, the Rockies have been popping up here and there in this blaster.

Did somebody request Royals?

It's the 60 YOT version, but I'm glad you asked and it showed.  It certainly is yours if you want it. 
Who knows, this might be the preview for something even more Royally cool to come.  We still have 2 more packs to go, and our patch card.

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  1. I've already got that Billy 60YOT, but glad he showed up! :-)