Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Break -Here We Go Again

Hey everybody,

I was at Target today, so I checked out the card section.  Lo and behold, I spotted a discount blaster.
Which is a WIN for all of us, as that means we'll get another crack at a Live Blaster Break!  Cool, right?

I tried to look into how to do this with a live video feed, but if I can do it through Blogger, they sure made it difficult for me to find out how to do it.  All I could find was how to upload vids after the fact. I figured nobody was going to be interested enough to watch an uploaded video - especially if you have no stake in the outcome, like you would if you paid to join in a break.  So, we're just gonna do it live by scans tonight.

However, I'm looking forward to breaking one live at a later date if someone can point me to the knowledge of how to do it.  It'll have to be another box down the line as I'm tired of looking at the blaster on my table.  I wanna rip packs NOW!

Here's tonight's box...

First pack, coming up!

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