Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 1

In case you join us tonight, drop a quick hello in the comments.  I'd like to know you're out there.

Most of the time, when we write, it's at our leisure and we publish our posts in our own time. However, when we do something live, it's certainly better when it's shared, right?

Yesterday I bought a case of Stone Brewing IPA beers from Costco.  I popped one just now, and although I can't share those with you tonight...I can share pack number one...

 I hardly bought any of this product on its first time around, so most of these cards will be new to me.  As usual, everything is up for trade - unless explicitly stated otherwise.

This is from 60 Years Of Topps.  Is this a special gold frame? Unknown to me.

This is an awesome shot, doncha think?

This card has a different back. It looks like a normal white Topps backside, but all the other base cards have brown cardboard backs.  Again, what's unknown to me is the significance of either back.

Pack 2 coming...


  1. You lucky dog.

    I think you just pulled a SSP Brandon Phillips sparkle card. The diamond sparkle on the helmet is not there on his base card.

  2. The pack you opened is the target parallel pack (hence the old timey cardboard). The phillips is indeed the short print (or super short print I guess). Good pull!

  3. super super duper (?) short-print.

    nice pull!