Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Live Blogging 2011 Topps Lineage Blaster

Hey everybody,

A few nights ago, Brian, over at Play At The Plate had a great idea.  He opened a couple of blasters LIVE! 

He did it pretty late at night, so most of the folks on the eastern seaboard were already sleeping and missed the fun, but a couple of left coast Dodger bloggers were awake and followed along.  It seemed like a cool and fun way to pass an evening, and I resolved to do that myself.

This afternoon I was out shopping for a replacement pair of sunglasses over at the Target down the street from work, and since it was the first time I shopped at the Target down the street from work, I stopped by the card section to see how they do it over there.  Well, I spied a discount blaster! It was the only one, but my evening's plan was set.  Tonight would be the grand experiment -

ATBATT's first-ever LIVE blog event! (dramatic brass intro)...

Here's our blaster....

So tune in and stay tuned (please)...

You might see us unveil some fantastic cards. You may even see some cool inserts from your team, and get first dibs on them....

BTW...if you're out there following along, drop a simple comment and let us know you're joining us.
Pop a beer - I did - and here we goooo.....


  1. yo yo! Is this live (on video) or live (where you post a little at a time)?

    1. Hey Josh...I'm just live posting a little at a time. I didnt even think of the video angle. I'm gonna do that one next time. Thanks for the idea.