Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Live Blogging Blaster Pack 1

A big "Sup, bro!" to Greg over at Plashke's.  Thanks for joining...

And away we gooo...

Here's hoping the first card out of the first pack is a harbinger of good things to come...

It's a miiiiiiiinnnnniiiiiii !
....and a real beauty at that.  I'm not a big fan of minis, but this little card got my eye right away.  First off, it's avery cool old-time player in an equally cool photo.  It looks like pre-game warmups are going on, but I do wonder if this particular shot was posed.   Either way, what a great card!

Poor Matt appears troubled.  Perhaps he can't remember if he turned off the water in the sink.

Here's a great photo of Tom Terrific about to bring THE TRUTH !

Back to back Reds, and one is a RC. 

A cool card to close out with.  Again, I'm looking for  blaster box good luck mojo in this closing card of Jackie.

Pack 2 is a' comin'....

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